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28 Moments

One thoughtful Deaf boy.
One fiery outspoken girl.
28 moments of life.

This special-edition PDF is complete with illustrations and additional story material. It is available for FREE.

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Short Stories

Short stories I've published online. Free to read.

I consider myself a fantasy author first and foremost, but sometimes it's just fun to branch out. Short stories are a blessing; they let me dip my toes in any genre I please, just to test the water. Let me tell you now, the swimming is not always graceful, but I hope you find the stories fun anyway.

Client 5


All I can think is Allie hates toothpaste.

Client 1

Tears from Blind Eyes

The problem with believing a prophecy is when other people don't.

Client 4

Boy Killed by Thousand-Pound Juicy Hamburger Feline

People say homework never hurt anyone.

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