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Beauty Reborn did not win a Whitney Award

On May 10th, I went to an awards gala and didn't win. When my husband and I got back to our hotel room, I put my toddler son to bed, and when he asked me where I'd been, I said, "Mommy went to a gala. My book was nominated for an award, but I didn't win, and that made me sad."

He said, "Mommy really wanted that book!"

I said, "I did. But you know what? I have you."

Life is full of good, bad, and bittersweet milestones. Life as an author includes writer's block, one-star reviews, rejection letters, and imposter syndrome. There are days you don't win the award. But there are days when the creativity flows, when you're filled with excitement, when you sign the publishing contract, when a reader says your story made them cry, when someone begs for a sequel. Good, bad, bittersweet, they will come and go.

What remains consistent throughout the ebb and flow of days are the people we surround ourselves with. At the gala, I was surrounded by my spouse, my critique group members, my editor, my friends, my fellow nominees. I did not hear, "And the award goes to Elizabeth Lowham," but I did hear:

"I'm rooting for you."

"I voted for you."

"I'm proud of you."

It was a good day when Beauty Reborn was announced as a finalist and it was a bad day when I didn't win, but on both days, I had my people. Cheering for me, supporting me, loving me.

I really wanted that book. But you know what? I have you.

Thank you for being my people.

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