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Cover reveal: ASTRA REMADE

Reviewers, you asked, and I listened. ;)

(Technically, I had it written before you even asked, but shhh. It truly means a lot to me that you asked anyway. I hope you love the new story as much as I do.)

I am THRILLED to announce a sequel to Beauty Reborn titled Astra Remade! This story will follow Beauty's willful eldest sister, who lands herself in a heap of trouble following a selfish wish. But as we know from Beauty's story, sometimes trouble can lead somewhere good, if we're willing to fight for it. Astra and Beauty may be different in a hundred ways, but they're both fighters.


How hard can it be to get one lost prince out of a fairy tower?

Astra has made a terrible wish—to be so beautiful that wealthy men propose at the sight of her. In Everspring, her magical parade of wealthy suitors quickly becomes a violent mob, and worst of all, the king himself sets his sights on her. But the king possesses dark magic of his own, and when Astra displeases him, she finds herself banished to the deadly fairy realm.

Her only refuge is another outcast more trapped and lonelier than she.

Dust was born to be the heir of Everspring, but his isolated tower in the fairy realm is the only home he’s ever known. Astra’s arrival means his first real chance at escape, if he can only trust her to help, but Dust was raised by fairies, and the first rule of fairy culture is to never trust anyone.

Dragons and depthfiends are not the worst dangers they’ll face, but if Astra and Dust can find a way to work together—to be honest with each other when they’ve never been honest with themselves—they may find true freedom and emerge from their prison remade.

ON SALE DATE: May 1st, 2024 (barely one month away!)

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